hide from yourself and see how you fade.

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Moving to Texas so Chip and Joanna Gaines can renovate my home.


Brandon and Callie are toxic!

Look at them! Talking. Playing music together. Opening up to one another. Genuinely wanting what’s best for each other. being best friends.

the fucking horror.

First day of school complete. In four months, I will be free of this torture.

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Do you like Brallie??



forwood appreciation week | day 1: Why we love them

↳ Because of how much they love and protect each other.

Fandom: Brandon and Callie’s relationship is toxic and unhealthy.

Executive Producer Peter Paige: It’s[Brallie] a beautiful relationship.


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Where did you watch red band society?

FoxNow app.

"Red Band Society" wasn’t bad, though I find myself feeling bad that [oscar winner] Octavia Spencer got roped into playing a supporting role on a teen drama.