Judging by the look on Wyatt’s face when Callie revealed what Liam did, he is probably gonna kick his ass. 

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"brallie is dead"

so is wyallie lmao


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A reality show called “Marriage at First Sight” where strangers let an expert matchmaker set them up on a blind date wedding. They never see each other, talk to each other or even know the one another’s name until the wedding day.

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TVD meme[7/9] Relationships
∟ “You’re a genius. I love you. I love you. Even when I hate you.”

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Brandon Foster + Being a selfish asshole

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fangirl challenge 2.0 » [18/?] romantic ships

Brandon/Callie (The Fosters)

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get to know me meme3/5 favorite male characters: TYLER LOCKWOOD 
"All I know is that I lose myself. At that time I become something else and I hate it."

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I’m glad CBS is giving Caleb’s cray cray ass the proper edit. 

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Big Brother live feeds got boring real fast. I want my $9.99 back.

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