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Wyatt doesn't know that Callie used him. If Brandon was the one jumping back into a relationship with her, you wouldn't be saying that. Wyatt trusts Callie and she told him that Brandon and her could never work out, then SHE kissed HIM. He is so in love with her, how is he supposed to realize it's one-sided? And Callie does love him. Maybe not as much or maybe not in the way she loved Brandon, but God, they're 16. Wyatt doesn't know how it's supposed to feel. Try to see things from his side?

Wyatt (1x09): You’re using me. Don’t deny it or I’ll get mad.


And I wouldn’t say that about Brandon because Callie didn’t use him…

Like I said, Wyatt got back together with a girl who used him. And it was completely out of nowhere. Where is the buildup? I’m not saying he doesn’t love her, I’m not saying he doesn’t trust her. But if it is going to be long term deal, don’t you think they should have some sort of discussion about the previous state of their relationship? Not just “Does this change things between you and Brandon" "No”. Callie denied having feelings for Brandon before. I also said that for HIS sake, I hope she gives it a chance. I’m trying to see things from his view because I know that if history repeats itself, he is going to be heartbroken and who knows if they could be friends after that? I’m not bashing the guy ffs. I’m being realistic. Just because she is getting adopted, it doesn’t change the way she feels. At the end of the day, Callie is still in love with BRANDON. For Wyatt’s sake, I hope he and Callie work out. Also, Brandon doesn’t get a pass from the fandom for being 16 and in love. He is raked over the coals and I haven’t said anything negative or disrespectful towards Wyatt so chill out.

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I like them as friends but I will never ship them. Their relationship seems so forced. We all know that Callie is just using Wyatt. Which for some reason people seem to think that's love. I heard that Wyatt is the reason Brandon meets Lou. It sounds like someone is insecure if you ask me!

Friendship is all I care to see from them. And one of the bandmates is Wyatt’s friend but who knows how it’ll play out. I imagine he would be insecure. He jumped right back into a relationship with a girl who used him. For his sake I hope Callie gives it chance since he left his life in Indiana…

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The only thing I didn't like about the promo was the whole Wyallie thing.. Yuck.

I understand your frustration but I suppose us Brallie shippers just have to get used to seeing those two together.

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Most bullshit level of Candy Crush. I can’t even.

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Why don't you ship wyallie?

I honestly tried to ship Wyallie when he first came on the show but I just don’t feel any romantic chemistry between the two. Like even if Brandon wasn’t apart of it, I still wouldn’t care for their “romance”. And I don’t like how Callie used him yet he comes back to town and they jump into a relationship again. It feels very contrived. Also, if they are going to be a long term thing, Callie needs to fully commit and open herself up to him. I never saw that in the past. Basically…


The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

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It annoys me when people follow me thinking this is a Brallie hate blog.

I ain’t about that life.

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Helena ; Season 2 Promo Shoot

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