The casting director that allowed Caleb to step into that Big Brother house needs to be fired. At least Amber will soon be rid of him for her own safety.

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Watching Big Brother and Caleb’s behavior in regards to Amber is so disturbing but what’s interesting is that he literally possesses qualities (“nice guy”, obsessive, creepy stalker) that are used as an insult against Brandon Foster and these two guys couldn’t be any more different. You have Caleb who forces Amber to have a date with him in front of the whole house when she told him weeks ago she has no romantic feelings for him. He makes her feel shitty for not agreeing to a relationship with him because he put himself on the block to save her. She never asked him to save her but he still thinks she owes him something. Now when she has an attitude with him he wants to put her up for eviction to “put her in her place.” THIS is the kind of behavior that has me concerned for Amber’s safety once they are all out of the house.

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Anonymous said:
So twisted is definitely not coming back? I remember they had like a year break for make it or break it but still brought it back to end storylines

I have no idea but Twisted’s finale had the worst ratings for an ABC Family drama. I’ve only seen a few episodes so I don’t really care about it. It’s just funny how the network won’t even acknowledge it. They won’t even say if it’s in contention to be renewed.

I just realized abcfamily never gave “Twisted” an official cancellation.

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Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot

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Hello, good morning, how you been?
Yesterday left my head kicked in.

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80% done with my last essay of the summer and now I have writers block.

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This season of Big Brother had potential but now it’s just the same motherfuckers (mostly Derrick) calling the shots every week. Big Brother is mostly exciting when there is a line drawn and the house is divided. I’m betting Donny or another female goes home this week. I quit.

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How it feels to be a Brallie shipper:


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The Leaving Song- Bridget & Emilio (Travis Wall)

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Every summer I watch “So You Think You Can Dance” and get way too attached to the couple that isn’t very popular/won’t last long.

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