That Parenthood season finale felt like a series finale and the show still hasn’t been renewed.

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make me choose:  tyler/caroline or stefan/caroline

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daughter-of-frankenteen said:
That is actually how Austin is. It's a very progressing and accepting city. It's way different than the rest of Texas.

Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t expecting the show to be overly true to life but when they said it was set in Texas I was confused. I still find it odd that there only seems to be one person in the high school who is against it all but I suppose that can explored in future episodes.

I was willing to give “Faking It” a go but the pilot was so clunky. The way they would randomly explain how their high school set in Texas was so progressive and accepting was a really awkward set up for the show. Outting someone against their will to prove how tolerant everyone else is selfish. And stop with the “butch” vs. “lipstick” lesbian shit. It’s cringeworthy. And Gregg Sulkin’s character need to go. One does not turn a gay person straight. Bisexuality and pansexuality exists. It would be nice if they acknowledged that. I’ll give it a few more episodes to work out these issues.

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I’m really worried about how the truth will come out. Hopefully not pregnancy scare nonsense.
If they do that, I’m out. Seriously, I don’t care how they continue the plot otherwise but that would be too much for me.
I counting on the writers to do this rightly, like Brandon tells his dad or someone or even Dani, but pregnant? That’s a big no from me.

Yeah, that’s one of the few plotlines that could actually make me stop watching the show. What happened between Dani and Brandon was statutory rape and Dani should reap the consequences of that. This doesn’t need to be something drawn out for the sake of drama.

I love watching HGTV.
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brallie + kisses | requested by a lovely anon

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Kalinda Sharma, The Good Wife
"You know what I discovered? I never have to confide in anyone."

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We were good together, weren’t we?

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